Milk & More: A Breastfeeding Class from Baby Café Bakersfield

We have been receiving a lot of requests to offer a breastfeeding class, and we’re happy to be able to do it!  

Helping you meet your own breastfeeding or breast milk feeding goals - Baby Café Bakersfield is excited to offer this breastfeeding class designed by IBCLCs, the experts in lactation care. Whether this is your first baby or your fourth, you have the power to meet your own goals when you begin with evidence-based, practical information and guidance to get things off to a good start when your baby is born.  We will help you prepare to feed your baby at the breast or express your milk if you prefer - that part is up to you! We’ll help you create a strong network of people - professionals and peers - to keep you focused no matter what curveballs may be thrown your way. Join us on Sat, Dec 16 from 10am to 1pm for a truly useful breastfeeding class that leaves you with confidence and knowledge as you prepare for baby! This class costs $15 and you can pay on the day of class.


We’ve designed this class to help you find and name your own feeding goals, set yourself up with the information you need, and create that network of help that will back you up when you need it.  We are IBCLCs who have worked both in and out of the local hospitals, guiding and supporting breastfeeding families for many years in this community.  If you’ve had a baby before and felt that you didn’t get to feed the way you wanted or lost your milk too soon, please consider this class as your step up this time.  Every baby is different, and sometimes all it takes is having the right information right from the start.  

If you know you will be returning to working outside the home or to school after you have given birth, we can definitely help provide you with the information you need to keep meeting your own goals at that point.  You can definitely bring a support person - whoever you choose - and plan to take notes.   

We’re excited to do this and hope you are going to join us!   

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