"Baby Café has been an invaluable resource for my son and I. Although already experienced in breastfeeding with my first son, my second son came with challenges that I needed help overcoming. I'm so thankful that Baby Café was there for us. There were many days where I was feeling depressed and close to giving up. Baby Café would help me through those darkest days. I always left the meetings feeling so uplifted, supported and understood.

Baby Café is a wonderful resource for expecting moms, first time moms, as well as more experienced moms. The lactation consultants are so knowledgeable and are there to support and guide you in whatever your breastfeeding journey may look like. The peer support is also such a help in the trialing days of motherhood. It's so nice to be in a room full of people that are going through the same things as you. I am forever grateful for Baby Café and all that they have done for my son and I this past year." - Alicia Rice, 2017

I cannot say enough good things about Baby Café. My son and I faced a slew of breastfeeding challenges and I don’t know where we would be without Baby Café. I’m currently exclusively pumping and they have helped to encourage me so that I can continue to provide breast milk while we try to figure out how to get him to nurse. Not only is the clinical lactation support incredible, but I have made amazing friends walking through being a new mom with me. While my other friends are no longer having challenges with breastfeeding, we all continue to attend Baby Café for the social element. These women have laughed with me, cried with me, and seen me topless more times than I can count 🤗I’m so grateful for their friendship and I never would have met them without Baby Café. To say our community is lucky to have Baby Café would be a huge understatement!
— - Megan, first-time mom
I was having such a hard time with breastfeeding. One of the other moms had approached me when I first walked into the Baby Café. She made me feel welcomed. Thank you.
— First-time mother

 "When my baby boy was about a month old, my friend suggested that I go to Baby Café because we had been having to use a nipple shield pretty much since we came home from the hospital.  Without it, my baby would not latch. With the amazing help and advice from Baby Café, within two weeks of seeing the lactation consultant we were able to completely get rid of the shield and we are going 5 months strong now! 💙😍 " - Tiffany, 2017

My baby hadn’t regained her birth weight about 4 weeks after her birth. At Baby Café I learned that the nipple cover I was using out of fear of pain was depriving my kid of nourishment, and I also was told to pump between feedings. A week later my baby was gaining weight. It was nice to track her progress and weigh her at the meetings. The folks at Baby Café have what it takes and they are not afraid to tell new moms what they need to hear. My baby has them to thank for that early progress and I am grateful for the services of Baby Café. It was all free. My ego may have been a bit bruised but my baby started doing better, and then I realized I had cheer leaders behind me who really care about the little ones. Sometimes it is good to throw that pride out the window and lean on the helping words of others.
— Kristen, 2017

I initially went to Baby Cafe after struggling to breastfeed my first daughter. I was hesitant to go because I didn't know what to expect and didn't know anyone else who went. But another lactation consultant diagnosed my daughter with a tongue and lip tie. That coupled with my daughter not being able to gain weight, I figured it was worth a try. When I got there the lactation consultants and volunteers were incredibly helpful and welcoming. They asked my story and my goals. They never judged my choices and encouraged me in making some really tough decisions. They supported me through two tongue and lip tie procedures and helped me trouble shoot my daughter's continued eating problems. They believe breast is best but are always respect of moms' individual breastfeeding goals. They even helped me when I had no choice to supplement due to weight issues. Christine is a fountain of knowledge and the most supportive ever. Mary provides so much information and support backed by her years of nursing. I could not ask for a better support system during breastfeeding. When my second daughter began to struggle with breastfeeding as well, they were right there to help guide me through my new challenges. They will always be an important part of my breastfeeding journey and I could not have exclusively pumped for as long as I did without their help and encouragement. Baby Cafe is also amazing for connecting with other moms, feeling understood by people in your same situation and building lasting mom friends. Thank you, Baby Cafe. - Jan 2017

At the beginning of my journey I was modest and nervous about people seeing me breastfeed so going to Baby Cafe that first time was scary but when I got there everyone was so welcoming and accepting of my individual journey and comfort levels. With the love, help, and support of the members of Baby Cafe and especially Christine, I have successfully breastfed or supplied breast milk (while working) for both of my girls while working full time. With the first one I made it to 10 months and with the second I exceeded my goal and made it to 16 months until she weaned on her own. I have recommended Baby Cafe to everyone I know and could not say enough great things about it. It is the reason I was so successful and I still enjoy being a part of the community to help other mothers who are where I once was.
— Courtney

To all the Baby Cafe Bakersfield moms,

I'd like to share my story, that hopefully may provide some encouragement for moms struggling with breastfeeding. I am a second time Baby Cafe mom, beginning my journey in August 2014 with my daughter Haley, and now April 2016 with the birth of my son Cash. My view on breastfeeding prior to Haley was simple: I will breastfeed and life will be glorious! My only real experience with breastfeeding was watching my sister breastfeed all 4 of her children with ease. When Haley was born, the challenge became real and proved to be the most difficult journey of my life. She was severely tongue tied and after a tongue clip, 2 laser revisions, chiropractic body work and lots of tears, my breastfeeding journey turned in to providing nutrition to my daughter via exclusively pumping. It was not how I envisioned things to go, but I was proud of myself for my hard work and perseverance to get the nutrition to my baby. It was hard, and I struggled with the fact that I was married to a pump vs. skin to skin with my baby. I eventually came to terms with the fact that exclusively pumping IS in fact breastfeeding; just the hard way. 

As the due date for my son approached, my fear of breastfeeding once again became real. I was not worried about labor, pain, managing 2 kids under 2, or how Haley would react to her brothers arrival. Breastfeeding was my concern that I was determined to get right! I told my story to the L&D nurse, and asked for immediate lactation support for my first breastfeed session following delivery. The hospital was very accommodating and provided wonderful support at 1am in the delivery room, and spent over an hour with me. I didn't really "know" what successful breastfeeding felt like, so even after a mostly successful session, I was still skeptical. I asked for lactation support from the hospital at every shift change and must have seen 6 different people helping me begin my breastfeeding journey while at the hospital. I asked a lot of questions, and looked for reassurance that my baby was transferring milk as he should. On the third day after my milk came in, breastfeeding became painful for me, with a lot of pinching, and I knew that instead of getting frustrated, I just needed more help. Baby Cafe was very helpful in reassuring me that he was indeed getting his nutrition and provided me with information on what could be contributing to the pinching pain. I continued to work hard with my son and by the end of Day 5, I became much more comfortable and was confident things were improving! 

I am happy to report that I am exclusively breastfeeding comfortably and although still very early in this long journey, I feel good about our progress. The first few days are HARD - it's not easy and magical like it looks in the movies 🙃 To all the Baby Cafe moms who may be struggling, or who may have struggled and are anticipating baby #2, I hope my story inspires you to never give up! I'm tired, my breasts hurt, my body is still trying to understand how much milk to produce (apparently it thinks I need to nurse triplets right now 😝), and we have struggled with jaundice - but I've never been in better spirits. I am so thankful for Baby Cafe, the guidance and support they continue to give, and for all of the friends I've made in the process. 😍

Update: 8 months into my breastfeeding journey, I am happy to report that my baby and I are successfully nursing with no issues, and I have learned so much about the breastfeeding process that I have been able to help multiple friends who have recently had babies with breastfeeding! I feel so empowered with knowledge that I can confidently help new moms who have so many questions and are unsure about where to begin. And my experience helps other moms when I say "I know exactly what you are going through."

- Jenn

I learned about Baby Cafe after having trouble breastfeeding my daughter for months without any help or advice for a tongue tie. I didn’t know anyone who had breastfeed their child except my own mother but she had no experience with a tongue tie. I saw several doctors all who suggested I give up breastfeeding. When I learned about Baby Cafe they welcomed me with open arms. Best of all they pointed me in the right direction to get the services I needed to help. After I returned to work they were flexible to follow up with me while working around my schedule. They saved our breastfeeding journey and allowed me to be still on this road with my daughter at 10 months. Thanks Baby Cafe and the amazing IBCLC’s!
— Sterling
Baby Cafe was there to encourage me in the early and uncertain days of my breastfeeding journey. I had never successfully stuck with breastfeeding with any previous babies but attending a few meetings helped us get and stay on track! I dealt with mastitis and baby had tongue and lip ties. Without the skill and knowledge of those at Baby Cafe I have no doubt I would’ve given up. Now we are at 12 months breastfeeding and I couldn’t have imagined we would ever get here! I would recommend Baby Cafe to all new moms!
— Melissa