Where breastfeeding families find support in Bakersfield.

Since 2014, breastfeeding families have come to us from as early as the day after they are discharged from the hospital.  We provide assistance, information, clinical care, assistance with pumping and expressing milk, low or excessive milk production, referrals, and more.  



Comfortable seating, light refreshments, plenty of nursing pillows, toys for crawlers/walkers, and a non-medical setting make Baby Café Bakersfield a welcoming place for new parents


Help with questions about milk production, including milk expression, pumping, storage of expressed milk, increasing or decreasing production, maintaining production while separated from baby such as for school or work, donating milk to the milk bank for use by preterm and other vulnerable infants, and more

Help with latch.

Full breastfeeding assessment.


This website is sponsored by The Witham Family and we are extremely grateful for their generosity.
Baby Café Bakersfield is also sponsored in part by Gallagher Family Chiropractic, a local preferred provider of bodywork and neuromuscular rehabilitation for infants who have experienced tongue tie, lip tie, birth trauma, and other breastfeeding challenges. Baby Café Bakersfield is deeply grateful to Dr. Brett Gallagher and his staff for providing excellent complementary care to our breastfeeding families.
— Baby Café Bakersfield Staff