If you are caring for a breastfeeding parent and/or their infant, you can easily refer them to Baby Café Bakersfield, where they will have access to IBCLC care at no cost.  The IBCLC can provide you a report of the consultation if you choose.  There is always an experienced IBCLC present when Baby Café Bakersfield is open. 

Simply fill out this online form to quickly send us a brief report on the reason for referral.

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What Happens After You Make A Referral to Baby Café Bakersfield?

When your referral is received, an IBCLC will review the referral form.  She will then reach out to the infant's parents to ensure they are aware of the next 3 open drop-in times at Baby Café Bakersfield where they can access no-cost IBCLC care.  Your encouragement and referral make it more likely that parents will actually attend a Baby Café Bakersfield drop-in.  

When the infant and parent attend Baby Café, a consultation with the IBCLC will be held and will encompass any information and concerns included on your referral form.  A consultation is a comprehensive history and assessment which includes observation of the infant at breast, and a breastfeeding management plan is created with the infant's parent(s).  Any interventions recommended, referrals to other providers, and basic information provider are included in the full report made by the IBCLC.  A summary or the full report can be provided to the referring provider upon request.  

Baby Café Bakersfield is a welcoming environment where parents can relax in comfortable seating and breastfeed their infants, learn from professionals and peers about breastfeeding, and access evidence-based, practical assistance.  Parents often attend multiple times throughout their breastfeeding journey, particularly when they are experiencing breastfeeding problems or issues and when developmental changes are occurring, such as teething, starting solids, and major motor development milestones.  

Families are respected and treated with dignity at Baby Café Bakersfield.  They are welcome to spend as much time asking questions and seeking information as they prefer.  They are offered warm beverages and light snacks while they are there.  A free lending library of books about breastfeeding and parenting is available for parents.  Toys are available for toddlers who attend during their transition to big brothers and sisters.  Grandparents often attend with their children and new grandchildren.  All who attend are encouraged to interact with all present and share their experiences.